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Nimble Capital

because we are smaller than our peers, we are more flexible. we can tailor offerings to meet clients needs. we have experience solving complex structures with a creative approach. we are competitive, timely and efficient.

we work with our borrowers to find solutions where other lenders will not. given our team’s diverse real estate backgrounds, we can relate to a borrower in a way that a traditional bank or other private credit funds cannot.

  • Business Purpose Loans (RTL & DSCR)

    Through our business purpose loan conduit, we originate and purchase short term bridge residential transition loans (RTL) and long term investor purpose rental loans (DSCR). Our residential transition loan business focuses on 1-4 unit rehab loans, bridge loans and ground up construction loans.
  • Opportunistic Bridge

    We are committed to mitigating execution risk so that sponsors may focus on what matters most – closing. Our opportunistic bridge product is suitable for most property types: multifamily, hospitality, industrial, and retail. Our rates are market competitive and our experience allows for quick underwriting turnaround. Unlike other lenders, we understand the urgency and flexibility required for most deals.
  • Opportunistic Mezzanine

    We are experienced in closing complex transactions with various lenders and multiple moving parts. We understand a sponsor’s need for additional short-term capital, particularly in today’s ever-changing market conditions. Oftentimes we serve as stewards in a transaction, having established ourselves as mezzanine lenders that both sponsors and senior lenders can trust.
  • Note Purchases

    We purchase performing, sub-performing, and non-performing notes on a single-asset or portfolio basis, in both public and private formats.
  • Credit Facilities

    We provide select asset-backed businesses with credit facilities. Our programs grant management teams access to capital, removing the reliance on dilutive equity financing to fund growth. Our facilities allow a company to have greater control over the amount of debt, timing of such debt, and the use of funds compared to other types of financing agreements.
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